Class 8 #English Chapter 1 #Summary | It so happened | How the camel got his hump 🐪 | #Studyment

 The world had just begun. The animals (The Horse, the Dog, and the Ox) had started working for humans. But there was only one animal that refused to work. It was the Camel who lived in the desert and ate thorny plants. When anybody spoke to him, he said ‘Humph!’.

One Monday morning the Horse came to the Camel. He told him to work like them. So did the Dog and the Ox. But the Camel said nothing but only 'Humph'. Then the three complained to Man against the Camel. But Man grew angry and asked them to work double to compensate Camel’s work. So the animals got angry. They held a panchayat.

Soon the Djinn appeared there who was the in-charge of all the deserts. He listened to their complaint and agreed with them. He decided to punish such an idle animal. He found the Camel looking at his own reflection in the pool of water. When the Djinn asked him to clarify, the Camel only said ‘Humph’. He showed no willingness to work.

The Djinn put a magic on the Camel. Soon the Camel’s back puffed up into a big hump. It was the result of his idleness. The Djinn said that it would serve as a storehouse of food. He also said that it would disappear when the Camel would learn to behave properly.

The Camel went away to join the Three. From that day he has been wearing a hump but he has, however, still not learned to behave.