Class 8 #English Chapter 6 #Summary | It so happened | The Fight | #Studyment


Ranji had been less than a month in Rajpur when he discovered the pool in the forest. The pool was cool, clean and inviting. It was a hot day. He plunged into it for a swim. He enjoyed a lot. 

The next day he came again to the forest pool. While he lay there he noticed another boy looking at him in a hostile manner. The other boy was Suraj, older, taller and stronger than Ranji. He said that it was his pool. But Ranji refused to run away. He threw a challenge to his adversary. 

Suraj slapped Ranji on the face. For answer Ranji hit a hard blow on Suraj's face. And then they were at each other's throats. Their fight continued for a long time. It was a violent fight. The fight continued even in the water. 

But there was no result of the fight because neither of the two boys was ready to give in. So Suraj said, "We will continue the fight tomorrow." Ranji promised to come and said, "I will be ready for you." He had got cuts on his face, legs and arms. 

The next day Ranji felt weak and lazy and not at all eager for a fight. But he could not refuse the challenge. So he went to the pool. He found the other boy waiting for him at the other bank of the pool. 

Ranji jumped into the water and swam across the pool like a fish. The other boy was astonished to see Ranji's skill. He wanted Ranji to teach him the skill of under water swimming. They decided not to fight any more. They became friends.